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Hello my new friend,

Me With Brian TracyAs a young man making my way in the world I was much influenced by Brian Tracy, the world famous motivational speaker and author.

One of the most important pieces of advice I picked up from him was:

"If you read the top 3 books written on any subject, you will acquire 90% of what you need to know about that subject – and have gained expert status compared to the average person in the street."

That’s what I call a ‘success clue’.

And thanks to that little nugget of advice, time and time again I’ve gained a life times worth of expertise simply by reading the top 3 books on a subject.

That’s how I got good at time management overnight.

And managing my money.

And a dozen other areas that - because I've mastered them - make my life easier, far more enjoyable and ultimately much more profitable.

There's just one problem with Brian's advice – to find the top 3 books on any given subject, you might have to read '100' books to sort the wheat from the chaff.

But …

As a reward for registering for


… today I’m going to give you yet another unfair advantage by putting one of the top 3 books on money making in your hand for free.

Now, because I’ve written it, I think that I’d better justify why I’m claiming that my new book knocks one of my previous top 3 money making book recommendations off the current list.

Particularly when that book has been around since 1973.

And has sold a remarkable 3 million copies.

That book was Joe Karbo’s ‘Lazy Man's Way To Riches’.

Now, for a couple of decades this really was the ‘go to’ book for anyone that wanted to make their fortune starting from absolutely nothing.

And do it in a relatively short period of time.

In fact, this book gained almost legendary status as more and more 'self-made men' (and women … of course!) acknowledged how The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches had contributed to their success.

But as you have probably noticed, times have well and truly changed.

And what was once exceptionally good advice is now well and truly outdated.

So when I went to work writing my new book I had just one goal in mind - I was going to write …

‘The Lazy Man's Way To Riches’For The Internet Age

Setting such a tough goal for myself and ultimately holding it up against Joe's book, really made me think about every word, on every page.

I had to ensure that I was going to achieve what Joe was able to achieve in his book.

You see Joe wrote a brilliant book for it’s time.

Just reading that one little book changed hundreds of thousands of people lives.


Remember this was 20 years before the internet came along.

So if you bought Joe's book, then once the mail man had delivered it to you, ALL you had was the book that you were holding in your hand as your road map to riches.

Which meant that, for my book to measure up to Joe's masterpiece ... within its pages, my book would have to give you the COMPLETE method I use to make money too.

So that became my goal.

The title of my book is ‘Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing’ … so I had to be able to show you exactly how to achieve that specific result for your life, as if the ONLY thing you had was this book.

The question now is: 'have I achieved my goal?'

‘You are exactly the type of person that I’d like to judge me ...’

On behalf of the millions of people in the world that are desperately trying to transform their financial situations, I’d like you to be my judge - to discover if I’ve succeeded.

For now, I’ve printed just 300 copies and I’m going to release these books into the world to those people that I think are actually going to apply what’s in the book.

Booking a place on The UNFAIR ADVANTAGE webinar tells me that you probably are the type of person that I’m looking for.

So far you’ve done everything right ...

You see, by booking a place on The UNFAIR ADVANTAGE webinar you’ve already demonstrated to me that you are the type of person that:

  • Will NOT let the wool be pulled over their eyes
  • IS seeking a serious solution to making more money from less effort
  • When the right opportunity is placed in front of you, you WILL take action
  • You are NOT YET so disillusioned by the lies that you’ve been fed by the gurus that you’ve given up (and are now just going through the motions of trying for the benefit of anyone around you that was counting on you succeeding)

If I’m right, then when I invest in you today by gifting you a copy of my book, I feel confident that in the not too distant future, my confidence in you will be repaid.

I need your success story as much as you need to succeed

Because in the future when people ask about your new found fortune and you acknowledge the fact that reading my book was behind your success, your revelation will enable me to sell another 10, 100 or who knows … even 1,000 books.

Just like it happened for Joe Karbo.

So as of now - but only for the next couple of minutes - you can be one of the first people on the planet to get hold of a copy of my book.

And get if for free.

Look, I’ve made over $16,000,000 using the EXACT same method I’m laying out in this book.

Mine really is a rags to riches story.

(Just like Joe’s.)

I went from living in a cold, damp bedsit and working minimum wage jobs, to the millionaire lifestyle I enjoy today.

(Joe too was at the end of the road before his transformation.)

And I will swear under oath to any judge in the land that I followed the exact same steps outlined in my book: ‘Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing’ … to make every penny of that $16,000,000.

It’s first come, first served - less than 300 free books now available...

Samantha is watching for your free book request right now.

The minute you say ‘yes’ - simply by ticking the box below -  she will take a book from the box, pop it in a padded envelope, put your name and address on it and make sure it gets to the postal office for the very next collection.

Like I said, I had just 300 books printed to kick off my 'word of mouth marketing campaign'.

And I don’t know how many copies will be left by the time you are reading this.

But when you tick the box you will be notified if you are too late.

So, tick the box now and let’s find out.

You’ll be charged just $6.95 to contribute towards packaging, handling (Samantha insists on me paying her wages - apparently she’s got ‘habits’ to pay for, like food!) and postage to ANYWHERE in the world.

And when your book arrives you will also find a packet of Hot Chocolate included in your package.

Because like I said earlier, I think I’m going to owe you ‘ … an apology in advance’.

You see, I have to warn you that you are pretty much guaranteed a sleepless night the day you receive the book, as the realisation over how realistic six figures actually is dawns on you!

Which is quite surreal really because the whole reason I wrote ‘Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing’ is so that you didn’t have to lose sleep over making money anymore.

The hot chocolate is my way of saying ‘sorry’ and hopefully getting you off to sleep so that you are ready to get started on step 1 of the plan the very next day.

The bottom line: reading this book is exactly like sitting down and spending an evening with me whilst I walk you through my simple to follow money making method.

So if you’d jump at the chance of sitting down with me for an evening if that was practically possible, then getting your hands on this book should make complete sense to you.

Tick, tock … tick, tock … the box of books is getting empty

Every second of deliberation now could mean you find Samantha’s box empty and missing out on getting your hands on your free copy of ‘Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing’ so I’m going to let you tick the box right now.

Congratulations on qualifying for the book and I look forward to seeing you on The UNFAIR ADVANTAGE webinar.

Best wishes,

Nick James

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