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Introduction To The New JV Income Opportunity From Nick James

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Email Swipe Ideas To Send To Your Existing Opt In List (Solo Email Ad Ideas Shown Elsewhere)

JV Promo Email 1.

‘Whistle blower’ exposes every make money online ‘gurus’ big secret


If you’ve had a sneaky suspicion that the gurus have some kind of an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE when it comes to making money online … then it turns out you are absolutely right.

Which is why you should definitely watch this 3 minute 27 second video before you spend another penny or invest even one more minute trying to make money on-line.

Now I’ve gotta say, the first 24 seconds of this video is just about the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, but this eccentric British guy has pulled in $16,000,000 with his online business so I’m listening to every word he says …

So, click the image above to watch the video where you'll discover the ‘shocking truth’ about why everyone but the 'gurus' are struggling to make serious money online today.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way though.

After you watch the video and you know what’s really going on, you'll be able to do something about it (… because Nick will show you!)

And then, you'll finally be able to start making the money that the gurus promised you could make online.

Kind regards,[YOUR NAME]

PS: If your blood boils every time you hear about a politician or banker that has used their position of privilege to gain themselves an unfair advantage over the rest of us, then you are about to discover that the internet gurus you follow are no better. BUT by watching this video at least you CAN actually do something to make thing fair again this time.

JV Promo Email 2.

Make money online ‘gurus’ will want to silence this ‘whistle-blower’ ASAP

My friend,

When powerful people have their position of privilege threatened they usually push back, right?

So I wonder what’s going to happen to this guy?

He’s made a video which is REQUIRED VIEWING for anyone that is still struggling to make money online.

In the video, he points the finger of blame at the so called ‘gurus’ for not being entirely truthful with people about making money online.

And, once your eyes are well and truly opened, he tells you exactly what your next step should be now.

The video is just 3 minutes and 27 seconds long but it’s pretty outrageous (particularly in the first 24 seconds) …

… and what he has to say will no doubt enrage the self-appointed online money making ‘gurus’ that are having their secret revealed for all to see.

You can see the video here:

Tomorrow it may be gone.

Heck it may be gone within the hour.

Powerful forces may be at work even as you read this email.

My advice … before you spend even one more second trying to make money online, do yourself a big favour and watch this video first.

Best wishes,[YOUR NAME]

PS: Nick – the guy behind this video – is living proof that ‘real’ people do make BIG money online and he hits the nail right on the head with his explanation about why the (so called!) ‘gurus’ just keep getting richer whilst everyone else still struggles. So check out the video with delay.

JV Promo Email 3.

Finally make money online – crazy British guy reveals why most people struggle today


I want to introduce you to Nick James …

As you’ll see when you watch this 3 minute 27 second video, he’s one crazy guy.

And I’m not just saying that because of the antics he gets up to in the first 24 seconds of the video!

He might just be crazy because as Internet Marketer Of The Year (2017) who has brought in $16,000,000 (Yep, MILLION!) online, he could easily have an ‘I’m all right Jack’ attitude and just sit back and enjoy life.

But instead, he’s stuck his neck out and turned ‘whistle-blower’ to reveal the shocking truth about why everyone but the 'gurus' are struggling to make serious money online today.

Brave man I say.

And lucky you …

… if you are quick enough to watch this video that is.

Because surely the so called ‘gurus’ aren’t just going to sit back and let Nick get away with this - they a have far too much at stake if they lose their position of privilege.

I checked before I sent this email and the video was still live.

You can watch it here:

Wishing you every success …[YOUR NAME]

PS: If you are still struggling to make money online (like the ‘gurus’ promised you would!) then watching this video will change everything for you.

JV Promo Email 4.

He makes $16 million online and now the make money online ‘gurus’ hate him!

Dear friend,

If you are still struggling to make decent money online then you should listen very carefully to every word this man says in this video …

(WARNING: it gets a bit crazy for the first 24 seconds.)

Nick is no doubt going to come under a lot of criticism for daring to share this information online.

After all, he is being very critical of all of those so called ‘gurus’ that have up until now had an unfair advantage when it comes to making money online.

And as Nick has discovered, it’s this unfair advantage that makes them richer without even trying, whilst at the same time making it harder for everyone else lower down the ladder.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if these ‘gurus’ don’t try everything in their power to get this video taken down so that they can protect the privileged position they have created for themselves.

Which is why – if making some serious money online is on your mind right now – you should click this link without delay:

Without knowing what this unfair advantage is, you could be stuck where you are forever and in fact, listening to the ‘gurus’ advice could actually be making things worse!

You’ll have your eyes opened when you watch this video that’s for sure

All the best,[YOUR NAME]

PS: In 2017 Nick was nominated ‘Internet Marketer Of The Year’. He knows exactly what goes on behind the scenes. Give yourself an unfair advantage too when you watch this video.

JV Promo Email 5.

Eccentric British ‘whistle-blower’ speaks out about making money online and I’m listening to every word he says

Hi there friend,

If you’ve ever had a sneaky suspicion that those characters who promote themselves as make money online ‘gurus’ are holding something back from you, then be prepared to have your sneaky suspicions confirmed in this video:

That’s Nick James in the video – he was 2017 Internet Marketer Of The Year and his online businesses have brought him in $16,000,000.

So he obviously knows a thing or two about making money online.

Which is why I found this video particularly intriguing. And I think you will too.

You see, in this video he blows the whistle on those self-appointed ‘guru’ characters who he’s recently discovered actually have an unfair advantage when it comes to making money online.

Once you know what that unfair advantage is, your online money making results will multiple fast.

If you stay in the dark about this unfair advantage though, you will forever be trying to figure out why copying the ‘gurus’ just isn’t working for you.

I’m listening to every word Nick has to say, are you going to join me?

Here’s a link to the video:

Best wishes,[YOUR NAME]

PS: I've got a feeling that this video could quickly turn into a 'hot potato' for Nick once the so called ‘gurus’ find out about what he’s revealing. So my advice would be to watch it before it possibly 'disappears'. In fact, it’s just 3 minutes and 27 seconds long so why not watch it right now …


Solo Ad Email Swipes (JV Email Ideas To Send To Your Own List Shown Elsewhere)

Solo Ad Email 1.

Eccentric British guy ‘laughs’ at make money online ‘gurus’

Watch this 3 minute 27 second video and you’ll be laughing too, when you discover that you really can make serious money online EVEN IF you’ve tried to do what the ‘gurus’ tell you to do and it just hasn’t worked for you.

You can watch this ‘weird’ little video here:

Regards[YOUR NAME]

Solo Ad Email 2.

He makes 16 MIL online and the ‘gurus’ hate him

Nick James (Internet Marketer Of The Year - 2017) has released a video that exposes the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE that the so called ‘gurus’ have when it comes to making money online.

It’s almost impossible for someone to make any real money online until they’ve heard this truth.

Regards[YOUR NAME]

You can watch the video (just 3:27 long) here:


Solo Ad Email 3.

Shocking video the make money online ‘gurus’ want deleted

Quick, before it disappears, watch this video:

That’s Nick James. He was Internet Marketer Of The Year (2017) and has banked $16,000,000 online.

Regards[YOUR NAME]

He’s now turned 'whistle-blower' to reveal the shocking truth about why everyone but the 'gurus' are struggling to make serious money online today.

If you’re quick, you can probably still watch the video here:

Solo Ad Email 4.

Are the make money online ‘gurus’ laughing at you?

Well it'll be you that's laughing once you’ve discovered what their UNFAIR ADVANTAGE is.

So, if the ‘gurus’ advice just isn’t working for you, then watching this video by Nick James (Internet Marketer Of The Year – 2017) will open your eyes as to what’s going on behind your back:

At just 3 minutes and 27 seconds long you can watch this (sometimes weird!) little video right now.

Regards[YOUR NAME]

Solo Ad Email 5.

Weird video confirms your nagging doubts about those make money online ‘gurus’

If you have a sneaky suspicion that the make money online ‘gurus’ are not being totally up front about how they are able to make money online … then you are right!

And the eccentric British guy in this video is about to reveal what their UNFAIR ADVANTAGE is, so that you can finally start making big money too.

VIDEO LENGTH: 3 minutes and 27 seconds … so you can watch it right now

Regards[YOUR NAME]

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